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Multiple Offenses & Felony DUI Attorney in Boulder, Colorado

A single DUI offense can be devastating, but in the state of Colorado, the repercussions become far more severe with each additional criminal allegation. Fourth offenses are especially severe, as they may be charged as felonies and may involve prison time. Given the severity of the penalties related to multiple DUI charges, it is absolutely essential to work with a compassionate, yet zealous attorney capable of securing reduced charges or a dismissed case. Jennifer Watkins is a great advocate to turn to during this difficult time. Her assistance has allowed numerous clients to avoid jail time and other harsh repercussions.
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Second and Third DUIs

Those who receive their very first DUI may suffer the same consequences as those with two DUIs on their record, as driving while ability impaired (DWAI) is counted as a DUI when determining criminal penalties. An individual with a past DUI or DWAI on his or her criminal record may spend anywhere from ten days to a full year in jail after an additional DUI is committed. Additional penalties may include up to $1,500 in fines and up to 120 hours of public service. For those with two prior DUIs or DWAIs, jail time increases to a minimum of sixty days, although much more severe sanctions are typically imposed. These offenders also face up to $1,500 in fines and 120 hours of public service. Colorado residents charged with second and third DUIs also typically face license suspension. For second offenses, license suspension lasts twelve months, with an additional twelve months added for the third offense.

Felony DUIs: The Watkins Law Firm

As harsh as penalties for second and third DUIs may seem, fourth DUIs are far worse, as they are charged as felonies. Offenders with three previous DWAI or DUI convictions face between two and six years of imprisonment, as well as three years of parole and 120 hours of public service. Due to the potential for multiple years in prison — as well as the devastation that accompanies a felony record — it is especially important for those facing fourth DUI charges to seek legal counsel from a trusted DUI attorney such as Jennifer Watkins.

The Watkins Law Firm offers a range of legal services for those accused of driving under the influence of alcohol. Jennifer Watkins is especially passionate about defending those facing their second, third, or fourth DUI. Without judgment, she focuses on securing the most favorable legal outcome possible.