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License Suspension Defense Attorney in Boulder, Colorado

In Colorado, committing a traffic violation, driving while under the influence, driving without insurance, or accumulating DMV point values can lead to a license suspension. Unfortunately, with your license suspended, you will lose your driving privilege, experience difficulties in getting to school or work, and miss out on several job offers and major opportunities.

If your driver's license has been suspended and you want to understand your rights, the risks, and how to fight the suspension, hiring a skilled Colorado criminal defense attorney is vital for dependable guidance. At Watkins Law Firm LLC, I'm committed to providing reliable representation, advocacy, and knowledgeable legal guidance to clients in their license suspension cases. My firm – Watkins Law Firm LLC – is proud to represent clients across Boulder, Colorado, and the surrounding areas of Broomfield, Lafayette, Louisville, and Longmont.

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Reasons a License May Be Suspended

In Colorado, your driver's license may be suspended due to a different number of reasons. These include:

Automatic Suspensions (Point Suspension)

Your driver's license may be automatically suspended by the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), depending on your age, for:

Adult drivers 21 years and older:

  • 12 points in 12 months

  • 18 points in 24 months

Minor drivers between 18 and 20 years:

  • 9 points in 12 months

  • 12 points in 24 consecutive months

  • 14 points or more total points between the 18 and 21 years old

Minor drivers below 18 years:

  • 6 points in 12 months

  • 7 points before turning 18

Criminal Suspensions

A motor vehicle-related criminal conviction may also result in license suspension. These include:

  • Vehicular felonies

  • Stealing a car

  • Hit-and-run accidents

  • Reckless driving

  • Vehicular manslaughter

  • Vehicular homicide

  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs

Discretionary Suspensions

Also, a license suspension may also occur due to discretionary reasons such as:

  • You operated a motor vehicle improperly.

  • You are considered to be an immediate threat to public safety.

Other Reasons for Suspension

Some other reasons that can result in a license suspension in Colorado include:

  • Failure to pay court fines

  • Persistent medical or physical condition

  • Failure to appear on an outstanding arrest

  • Failure to register as a sex offender

  • Making use of a fake ID

  • Failing to comply with a domestic support enforcement order

  • A drug crime conviction

If your driver's license has been suspended, you need to reach out to a practiced criminal defense attorney immediately. Your legal counsel can review the facts of your case, break down the penalties for driving with a suspended license, and help strategize your best defenses.

Penalty for Driving with a Suspended License

If you're caught driving on a suspended license in Colorado, you may be facing up to six (6) months in jail and a maximum fine of $500. Rather than driving on a suspended license, you may consider applying for a hardship license.

Hardship License

A license suspension may result in several inconveniences in your livelihood, education, and health. To ease the inconveniences, you may be eligible to apply for a hardship license. A hardship license or "red" license is a restricted driver's license or limited permit which allows you to drive to certain places when your license is suspended. With your hardship license, you may be able to drive to:

  • School

  • Work

  • Church

  • Doctor's appointments

  • Court-required community service

  • Traffic court

  • Alcohol education school

However, getting a hardship license in Colorado requires the approval of the traffic court. An experienced attorney can evaluate your unique situation and determine whether you qualify for a hardship license.

Who Qualifies for a Hardship License?

Unfortunately, not every person with a suspended driver's license may apply for a red license in Colorado. You will be eligible for a hardship license if your license was suspended due to:

  • Point suspension

  • Failure to pay child support obligations

Also, you must be able to convince the hearing officer that you will suffer undue hardship without a driver's license and that you aren't a threat to public safety. To eliminate the restrictions that come with a red license, you need to get your license reinstated.

Getting Your License Reinstated in Colorado

Here are the steps involved in getting your license reinstated in Colorado:

  • Satisfy the condition for which your license was suspended.

  • Pay the necessary traffic fines and legal fees.

  • Meet all necessary requirements of any criminal conviction.

  • Complete the DR 2870, Application for Reinstatement.

  • Provide proof of SR-22 insurance – certificate of financial responsibility.

  • Pay the driver's license reinstatement fee.

  • Allow up to 20 business days for your application to be processed.

  • You will receive an email once your application is approved.

  • Go to the Colorado DMV with your email to get your driver's license back.

A knowledgeable attorney can help you complete and submit the necessary legal paperwork, forms, and documentation and help get your driver's license reinstated.

How Legal Counsel Can Help

Unfortunately, a driver's license suspension may jeopardize your personal reputation, liberty, quality of life, professional and other major life opportunities. However, going to traffic court or fighting your license suspension without experienced guidance and representation is never advisable. Therefore, if you want to contest your license suspension, it is important that you retain a highly-skilled Colorado license suspension defense attorney for proper guidance and to protect your rights.

With more than 20 years of extensive experience, I have the knowledge, resources, and skill to help clients fight their Colorado license suspension. As your attorney, I can attempt to investigate every detail of your case thoroughly and help determine your best defense strategy. Having me on your side can improve your chances of reinstating your driving privileges.

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