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Boulder Criminal Defense Lawyer Delivers Strong Representation

Experienced advocate assists with DUIs and other charges

Any criminal charge is a serious matter, demanding the assistance of an accomplished defense attorney who provides the advice and advocacy that can lead to a successful result. At the Watkins Law Firm in Boulder, attorney Jennifer Watkins has defended people throughout the region who have been accused of various offenses. With more than 15 years of experience as both a public defender and a defense lawyer in private practice, she has successfully represented clients in hundreds of criminal prosecutions and driver license revocation hearings. No matter how difficult your case might seem, Ms. Watkins will maximize the likelihood of a successful outcome by pinpointing errors made by law enforcement and uncovering weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. Whether you have been accused of driving under the influence or some other type of misconduct, the Watkins Law Firm will work tirelessly to defend your legal rights.

Responsive law firm dedicated to providing exceptional service

For more than a decade, Jennifer Watkins has established herself as a leader in the Boulder legal community by providing each client with:

  • Trustworthy counsel — Both Ms. Watkins’ peers and the people she’s represented have recognized her exceptional ability to litigate cases effectively and obtain dismissals, acquittals and favorable sentence reductions.
  • Individualized attention — The firm offers personalized service based on your unique circumstances and communicates openly about each aspect of your case, including all available options for reaching a positive outcome.
  • Detailed advice — Jennifer Watkins has an extensive understanding of statutory law and the practices employed by police and prosecutors. She provides detailed counsel on case proceedings and the technical issues involved in scientific testing. Her breadth and depth of knowledge offers her clients a distinct advantage in their defense.

From the moment you are stopped by a police officer, you risk losing your fundamental rights. The Watkins Law Firm offers a free initial consultation so that you can obtain the skilled help you need immediately.

Accomplished attorney focuses on achieving each client’s objectives

The firm represents Colorado clients in legal practice areas including:

  • Criminal defense — Jennifer Watkins provides complete legal support for all types of criminal defense matters conducted in Colorado state and federal courts.
  • DUI and DWAI defense — Motorists who are accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or driving while ability impaired risk significant punishment, including fines, the loss of driving privileges, and jail or prison time. The firm reviews each relevant fact and challenges questionable tactics and evidence in your case.
  • DUID defense — Even though the recreational use of marijuana has been legalized in Colorado, severe penalties remain in the state for driving under the influence of drugs. Firm clients can rely on a vigorous defense in these cases.
  • Multiple offense and felony DUIs — If you have been previously convicted of a DUI crime or face felony charges due to the seriousness of an accident, Jennifer Watkins has the trial experience to safeguard your rights and fight for your freedom.
  • DMV hearings — The firm represents motorists in hearings before the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles so that they can retain their driving privileges whenever possible.

No matter how difficult your situation seems, attorney Jennifer Watkins will create an effective strategy to challenge the case against you and seek an optimal result.

Contact a knowledgeable Colorado criminal defense lawyer for a free initial consultation

The Watkins Law Firm defends clients in all types of Colorado criminal litigation. Attorney Jennifer Watkins represents individuals throughout the state, particularly in Boulder, Grand, Broomfield, Larimer, Jefferson and Gilpin counties. Please call 303-872-7442 or contact the firm online to schedule a free initial consultation at the Boulder office.


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